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In first year life becomes more like a reality you become well known,  have lots more friends and become part of a bigger group. Becoming part of a new environment is hard because you need to get used to your surroundings.  Finding your way around can be difficult in such a big school like Chryston.   However, you do find your way after a few weeks.

Interview with Head of First Year and Depute Head Mrs Mullen

Q-What is it like every year to have a new S1?

A-It is exciting because I know that the first years will make a big difference to Chryston High School.  They can bring great skills to our school.

Q-How do you feel to be Head of S1?

A-I feel very lucky because of I get to visit all the primary schools and meet all of our pupils when they are still young.  I then have the joy of watching all of our young people growing up.

Q-Is it hard being Head of S1?

A-Being Head of S1 is a privilege.

Q-Why do you enjoy being a teacher?

A-I love being a teacher because I love learning and being with students.

Interview of S1 pupil

Q-Is is hard becoming a first year?

A-It is hard at first because you  move classes a lot and have to get used to all the new teachers.

Q-Is it hard talking to new people?

A-Not for me as I am a confident person but others may be shy and find it harder to talk to new people.

Q-Have you made a lot of new friends?

A-Yeah, I have made a lot of different friends – some from my old school and some from other schools.

Reporters: Lucas, Kameron, John and Raza

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