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Kilbowie Adventures – Day 3

Hi Primary 5 and Mrs O’Hanlon

I had another busy day today as I am sure you did too.

Today was an extremely windy day and our scheduled canoeing could not go ahead. 🙁 We are hoping that the weather picks up and we will be able to go canoeing in the morning (fingers crossed)

Firstly I was working with groups 3 and 5. Our instructors were Di and Ellid and we were being prepared for a morning of orienteering. We had a go at locating different things on the map by using the key at the side to identify different features.

The Kilbowie Map

We had to locate a number of sign posts which had stampers attached and use them to stamp a sheet with thirty different check points. It was fantastic but it can be quite tricky to follow the map. The trick was to ensure the map was positioned correctly by using the sea as a reference point.

It took some people longer than others to complete but everyone was really proud of themselves when they managed to finish.

After the orienteering, we had the chance to use the adventure ropes again.

Hanging in there!
Stop for a snap.

After the rope adventure we were given the option of climbing a huge tree. Some of the children decided they did not want to do this and this is ok as no one is forced to do something they do not want to do.

I decided to have a go!!!

A tree-mendous experience!

I was so proud that I made it all the way to the top and got to ring the bell. Melanie took a video of me climbing the tree and I will post it soon for you to see.

Miss you all lots:-(

CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the video Mel took!

Miss Docherty Tackles the BIG TREE

Kilbowie Adventures – Day 2 – pm Skiing – Group 11

Well Primary 5

My Kilbowie adventures are continuing and today I have been on a gorge walk, a rope adventure and skiing. Before I came to Kilbowie I was most looking forwards to doing the Skiing.

I have to tell you primary 5, Miss Docherty is NOT a natural on the ski slopes, but I gave it my best and had so much fun doing it. I was a bit of a danger to others on the slopes because I couldn’t do any turns and I couldn’t stop.!!!!

After knocking a few children over I decided that I was a bit dangerous on skis. Lots of people were relieved when I took my skis off!!

On a Slippery Slope
One Ski Wonders

The Rope adventure was great fun. Here’s a few pictures!!

Helmet Heads
We're not tyred!!
Terrific Team.

I will blog again soon P5. Missing you lots and lots. Thanks for your comments and posts so far!!!!!

Miss D

Kilbowie Day 2 am – Gorge Walking

Gorge Walking with Group 5 and Kenny

My first activity today was gorge walking with group 5. The children in this group were really well behaved and all of them really enjoyed this activity. We travelled on a bus for about half an hour to get to the gorge with our wet suits, waterproof suits and helmets on. We walked up the gorge together working as a team to help each other get past the tricky parts.

When we reached the top of the gorge, the water wasn’t deep enough to jump in so we climbed up on to a big rock and had to slide into the water. It was FREEZING and gave me a bit of a fright. Some of the children were a bit nervous but I was so proud when they decided to give it a go. It was superb!!!



I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Miss Docherty

First Day in Kilbowie

glitter logo maker - http://www.sparklee.com

Hi Primary 5

I hope you have had a brilliant day today. I have had a very exciting and exhausting day!!

On the journey to Kilbowie we stopped off at ‘The Green Welly’ to stretch our legs. What a super name and logo!

The Green Welly Logo

During the journey we passed by some breathtaking scenery. I noticed that on lots of the signs it said

failte’ gu – Does anyone know what this means?

We took part in a fantstic activity called ‘night line’. We were blindfolded and had to put our trust in each other in order to navigate around a course. It was really tricky (Miss Tierney and I took ages – but we were very proud that we finished!).

Miss Tierney getting a hosing down
Miss Docherty getting a hosing down

We were so dirty after our night line adventure that we had to be hosed down! After our hosing down I realised that my wellies were firmly stuck on my feet. Luckily Courtney helped me to prise them off!!

Stuck to my boots!!!!

Tomorrow I will be going gorge walking and ski-ing. I will post an update to let you know how things are going and post some more pictures of our Kilbowie adventures.

Miss Docherty 😀

Miss Docherty is going to Kilbowie

Hi my Brilliant Bloggers

I am just about to go and get my bag packed for Kilbowie. Hopefully I won’t forget anything important!!! I am looking forward to taking part in all of the different activities with the P7’s and Miss Tierney. I think we are going to have lots of fun. The thing I would like to try the most during my week at Kilbowie is the ski slopes. I have never tried this before and I think it will be quite challenging but I can’t wait to have a go.

I am hoping that we get some mild weather as I am not planning on packing wellies!!!!

I hope that you have a fun week with Mrs O’Hanlon.

Don’t forget –

*to keep our blog up and running

*to continue the walk around Scotland challenge

*to continue the fruity fortninght rewards (collect all of the cards on Friday and we will carry out the draw on Monday when I return)

*enjoy the design a meal – remember to use the flip camera to document this

but most of all remember to behave really well and


Miss Docherty

Miss Docherty’s Mega Mother’s Day

Hi Brilliant Bloggers

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Mums

I hope that all of you managed to do something to make your Mum feel really special on Mother’s Day yesterday. I wonder if any Mums traded in their IOU coupons. There were lots of fantastic promises made and I am sure the Mums would have enjoyed trading them in.

Well, Kaitlynn and Emily made sure I felt really special yesterday on Mother’s Day.

Here is a run down of my MEGA Mother’s Day.

First I had breakfast in bed (toast and egg and a lovely cup of tea)

Next I was presented with my home-made cards (they spent lots of time making sure they were really beautiful. Kaitlynn wrote lots of lovely things and it brought a wee tear to my eye. Emily wrote me a lovely poem and drew me some beautiful pictures) I also got a store bought card and a ‘World’s Greatest Mum‘ certificate.

I also got some gifts including a lovely bunch of flowers, a candle holder that said ‘Thanks for being my Mum‘ and perfume. (I am so spoiled!!!)

Then I was given a day plan to show all the things that Kaitlynn and Emily had organised for my day ahead.

*breakfast in bed (it was yummy)

*footspa and facemask (I had my very own special throne made on the couch with all of the pillows and cushions – it was sooooooo comfortable)

*makeover – (we decided not to do make-up because we had all just used the face mask, but I got a lovely manicure and hand massage and we watched 13 going on 30, it’s such a great film. We really enjoyed it)

*bubble bath – (I relaxed in the bath while Kaitlynn and Emily (with a little supervision from Dad) made a three course meal. We had fruit cocktail, Chicken tikka with poppadoms and naan bread and then for dessert we had chocolate cake and ice cream. It was all delicious. mmmmm)

*Watch some friends – After my bubble bath I watched some Friends waiting to be called down for dinner.

*Rent a Movie – After dinner we rented Ramona and Beezus and The Other Guys from Film Flex.

I had such a fantastic Mother’s Day. I was really happy that Kaitlynn and Emily had went to such a lot of trouble to make sure I had a wonderful and relaxing day. I was not allowed to wash any dishes or lift a finger all day!! It was AMAZING!

So, that is how Miss Docherty spent her Mother’s Day. 😀 😀 😀

Miss Docherty

Da Rainforest Rap

This is a rap that Miss Docherty made in a Primary two class and remembered so Miss Docherty taught it to P5 at Chapelside.

It is called Da Rainforets Rap.

Da’ Rainforest Rap

The rainforest don’t got one layer

The rainforest don’t got two layers

The rainforest don’t got three layers

The rainforests got four layers

Say what – four layers

Say what – four layers

Say what four layers

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

We got emergent trees that are mighty mighty high

They reach right up and almost touch the sky

Say what – emergent

Say what – emergent

Say what – emergent

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

Next we got the canopy, Home of the bromeliad

Just like a big umbrella there, Its mighty mighty rad

Say what – canopy

Say what – canopy

Say what – canopy

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

Next we got the Understory Where it’s cool and dark

And the epiphytes Grow on the tree bark

Say what –  Understory

Say what –  Understory

Say what –  Understory

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

Down at the bottom we got the forest floor

And that’s the final layer We don’t got no more

Say what – forest floor

Say what – forest floor

Say what – forest floor

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

If I say rainforest you say four layers

Rainforest – four layers x 3

I said a wicky wicky wicky wicky what?

(Remember to say it in a rap voice)

Now we shall take out a bit of the rap and put it in a voki.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://vhss-d.oddcast.com/vhss_editors/voki_player.swf?doc=http%3A%2F%2Fvhss-d.oddcast.com%2Fphp%2Fvhss_editors%2Fgetvoki%2Fchsm=b213edf7a8c09ebf4f5306c4737ce0f7%26sc=3645263" width="200" height="267" allowfullscreen="true" /]

By Kim And Gemma

The Two Miss Dochertys

On Wednesday 2nd March we had a visit from Miss Docherty’s sister who is a teacher at Golfhill Primary. She is also called Miss Docherty and we thought that this was going to be really strange, but it wasn’t.

Miss Docherty brought a lesson for us to do on the smartboard. We had to match up the four layers of the rainforest and use the rubber to reveal the answer. The easiest layer to remember is the emergent layer because it has the tallest trees and it also has the sky in it. We enjoyed doing this task.

Smartboard Lesson with Miss Docherty

After this Miss Docherty talked to us about the different layers and then we did an annotated rainforest diagram, showing each of the layers with a description of each layer beside it.

Primary 6 at Golfhill Primary learned about the rainforest last term and raised money to sponsor 5 endangered animals. Miss Docherty brought the mascots along for our class to meet.

We also had a chance to look at some of the Primary 6 personal projects and we thought that they were fantastic.

We would like to say thankyou to Miss Docherty and hope that she will come back and visit us soon.

You can visit Miss Docherty’s Class Blog at http://glo.li/hdPR3B

Miss Docherty and The Brilliant Bloggers