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Hello my name is Kim Lambert and I’m going to tell you about our E-PortFoliGlows. Our E-Portfoliglows are where we post special things that happened lately. If you haven’t been on our E-PortFoliGlows here’s a link. We have 27 E-PortFoliGlows look through them all, nearly everybody has added something to their E-PortFoliGlows. Some people have put Voki’s on here’s one.  Here is also a Voki if you don’t know what a Voki is

[kml_flashembed movie="http://vhss-d.oddcast.com/vhss_editors/voki_player.swf?doc=http://vhss-d.oddcast.com/php/vhss_editors/getvoki/chsm=43528b410572786c68b2a1e225dcf74e%26sc=3568522" width="200" height="267" allowfullscreen="true" /]

Challenge 1 – Why should you visit our Blog?

Hi this is Kim and Rachael from P5 Chapelside primary school

You should visit our blog because we have lots of different exciting posts every day.We like to add vokis,video’s and leave comment’s on classes blogs.

We also have Wiki pages including E-PortFoliGlows here is a  link.
You should visit our blog because our blog is great.When you go on our blog you get exciting posts, look on our blog each and every day and you get an exciting thing to read. We also post Voki’s because most blogs do so we figured out how to do it. Here is a link to instructions.

Thanks for reading our post. We hope you will visit our blog and leave a comment. We would love to comment back on anyone’s blog who visits us, so please leave a link.

Who are you? Challenge 1-March 2011

How to add a Voki to Brilliant Bloggers

(Before you begin open up a new blank document you will need this soon)
First click on new post in the Dashboard. Open another tab and go on to the Voki website and click on create new Voki. (Or if you have one go in my Voki)Then click on publish and give your Voki a title. Next you will see a code copy it and paste it on your new blank document. Next you highlight this part of the code:


That is the part you need.
Open up the tab that has you’re post and look for the f inside the circle.
Click on it and paste the part of the code that I showed you and
the width of it is:200.
the height of it is:267.
Finally give your post a title and publish your post.

By Kim Lambert