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P6 Now!

We are now all P6 and we have a new teacher. Her name is Mrs Black, and she is very nice and we like her. But we are missing Miss Docherty loads but we get her for music every Monday which is good. Our new topic the Victorians and in my opinion its ok but the Rainforest is my favourite topic. Our novels are Santa Maria, The Deamon Headmaster and Saving Finnigan.

Nathan, Kim

Miss Docherty Left

Miss Docherty our teacher left today I was so sad my class mate cried but I kept it in but when I came home I cried all night nearly. This is my best teacher ever I’ll never forget you ever. I loved this teacher soo MUCH here is a little poem for her.

Miss Docherty could not have been better she was the best ever.

I Love her and MISS her and its not even been a week yet

So what if she was Crazy she was hilarious

So much good times including Miss D Nickers

Don’t matter who I get next year they won’t be better and I’ll still want Miss Docherty back,

O M G the year has finished it flew in that’s bad by the way.

Cried tears when you left xxx 0000

How you’re sqeezy cuddles helped us not to cry I still did

Every day was the best day ever.

Really you should stay Miss D

Too Much work (Kidding)

You Are the best Miss Docherty I’ll NEVER forget you xxxxxxxxxxxx 000000000000000

Lots of Love Kim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


What we have been doing

Dear Miss Docherty

We have been learning about our new topic called International Childrens Games (I.C.G).Also we have been learning about parallel lines and perpendicular lines in maths. On Tuesday Mrs O’Hanlon told us to write what we think we know about I.C.G. Then we all went down to the carpet to find out the real facts about I.C.G. When we went down to the carpet we learned  that a P.E teacher in Slovenia Metod Klemec was the very first person to think of  the I.C.G. He was the brains behind it. He organised the very first I.C.G. in 1968 made up of teams from 9 European cities. We also learned that this year there was a joint bid between North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire and some of us know where the venues are for the activites. We learned the parrell and perpendicular on Monday and Tuesday it’s very hard sometimes.

Kim and Nathan

P5 post back

Hi Miss Docherty are you having a great time at kilbowie because it looks as if you are from the pictures.We have been swimming with Miss O’Hanlon and she was very pleased with us because we were excellent. N0w we are moving on to our novel studies.