Children in Need Shop in P5

This week in P5 we have a Children in Need Shop. We are selling a range of things to all of the other classes in the school to try to ear money for Children in Need.

We are selling lots of different things, like books, toys, bric-a-brac, stationery, wristbands and lots more. We are learning lots about dealing with money, working with the public, behaving in a professional manner, organisation, fair pricing, collaborative group work, customer relations and customer support.

We are having lots of fun in our shop and we are raising more and more money each day. Our shop runs from Monday 12th November to Thursday 15th November. On Friday we will be running a Cupcake shop and will be inviting all of the children across the school to come and visit our shop and make a cupcake.

We have been so busy running our shop this week that we have not had much time to do anything else!!! We will all be very tired by the time that Friday comes, but we hope to have raised a lot of money to donate to the Children in Need cause.

COme back soon to see some pictures from our CHildren in Need Week in Primary 5.

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