SnowWhite and the 7 Dudes

Miss Docherty and P.5. At some point this week could some children go around the school and remind all classes that the pantomime is on Thursday the 2nd of June at 2pm. Also could the children remind all teachers that the pantomime is just for the pupils and only cast members parents will be invited. This message was not delivered clearly enough first time around.
Thankyou for you assistance in this matter Primary 5.
Mrs O’Hanlon

4 thoughts on “SnowWhite and the 7 Dudes”

  1. Hello,
    We are in a second grade class in Monroe, NC, USA. We are writing our own fairy tales. We wondered if Snow White and the 7 Dudes was something you wrote or is it a Scottish fairy tale?

    We would love to learn something about your school and what it’s like in your community.
    You can check out our blog site at Global (it good full) and our second current site at

  2. Mrs O’Hanlon needs a favour,
    Does anyone in primary 5 have a scottish tartan hat or any wigs at home that we could use for the school pantomime?
    Let Miss Docherty know

  3. Miss Docherty, How do I play the Kilbowie’s got Talent video? It opens with a question mark and I can’t see it.
    Mrs O’Hanlon

  4. Hi Mrs O’Hanlon
    I will select some very sensible Primary 5’s to deliver the message around the school.
    Miss Docherty

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