2 thoughts on “My First Sparklee”

  1. Looks cool! Awesome thing you found there!
    By the way who is Miss D. ? Is that your teacher?
    Thanks for taking your time, and awesome blog!


  2. Hi Merrisa
    wow!!! I am super impressed that you were able to add a sparklee to the blog! Well done!!! It is fantastic to see that you are accessing this from home.

    Thanks for making me such a lovely sparklee and leaving a kind message for me to read.

    I am missing everyone in the class too!! I can’t wait to find out all about what you have been learning about this week.

    I look forward to seeing you next week – I think I am going to be sleeping all weekend so that I am fresh for school on Monday.

    I hear that everyone is behaving really well and you all dressed after swimming in record time!!!!!!!!!

    I will post again soon to keep you all updated on my Kilbowie adventures.

    Miss D

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