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One of this week’s activities in the blogging challenge is the Count Out Three Game. This activity is an excellent way of encouraging people to visit different blogs and leave comments for the author. It is a fantstic way of building a global audience and creating links between student blogs and class blogs.

Here are some of the blogs we have visited and left comments on today.
The Funny Room – The author of this blog is called Jay and he is from the U.S.A.

Sumayah’s Awesome Portfolio – The author of this blog is Sumaya, it is a pretty pink paradise.

Elis Blog – Eli is the author of this blog. His blogging header tells the reader that his blog is ‘all about cool learning’.

Seizing the Moment – The author of this blog is Mrs Seeley. There are lots of other blog links on this blog and therefore a fantastic place to build up your blog roll. The motto – making life in the middle extraordinary is fantastic.

Katarina’s Blog – The author of this blog is 10 year old Katarina. Her favourite colour is blue and she has written a really good post explaining why blue is her favourite colour.

These are the blogs we have visited so far as part of the count out three game. We will visit more over the coming days.

Miss Docherty and the Brilliant Bloggers

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