Blogging Activity – Challenge 6

Here is another one of this week’s blogging activities. We have missed out on quite a few of the challenges as we have been off for the past two weeks, so now is our chance to catch up. We can always go back at some point and complete some of the other activities we have missed.

Persuasive writing

Last term we learned a bit about persuasive writing and tested this out by writing letters about deforestation. We have also used persuasive features in our cross curricular topic – Electricity.
Do you remember our debate about wind farms?
You might also remember our work on the proposals for a four day school week, uniform verses no uniform and our posters we created about Fruity Fortnight.

These are all examples of a persuasive style of writing. When creating a persuasive text it is your job to convince the reader to your way of thinking.

The challenge post provides some ideas about what you could write about.

That mobile phones should be used in classrooms
That all students should have a personal blog from Grade 6 onwards
That all classes should have a class blog
That national or statewide testing has no valuable purpose for the student
or A topic of your own choice

What sort of things could you write about?

Could you create a persuasive poster or leaflet?

Will you write a persuasive letter?

It is up to you!!!

Have fun with it! 😀 🙂

Miss Docherty

One thought on “Blogging Activity – Challenge 6”

  1. I wonder how you got on with the persuasive writing challenge? The election is giving us lots of examples of people trying to persuade us to vote for them; they use a lot of different ways don’t they!

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