Miss Docherty’s Mega Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Mums

I hope that all of you managed to do something to make your Mum feel really special on Mother’s Day yesterday. I wonder if any Mums traded in their IOU coupons. There were lots of fantastic promises made and I am sure the Mums would have enjoyed trading them in.

Well, Kaitlynn and Emily made sure I felt really special yesterday on Mother’s Day.

Here is a run down of my MEGA Mother’s Day.

First I had breakfast in bed (toast and egg and a lovely cup of tea)

Next I was presented with my home-made cards (they spent lots of time making sure they were really beautiful. Kaitlynn wrote lots of lovely things and it brought a wee tear to my eye. Emily wrote me a lovely poem and drew me some beautiful pictures) I also got a store bought card and a ‘World’s Greatest Mum‘ certificate.

I also got some gifts including a lovely bunch of flowers, a candle holder that said ‘Thanks for being my Mum‘ and perfume. (I am so spoiled!!!)

Then I was given a day plan to show all the things that Kaitlynn and Emily had organised for my day ahead.

*breakfast in bed (it was yummy)

*footspa and facemask (I had my very own special throne made on the couch with all of the pillows and cushions – it was sooooooo comfortable)

*makeover – (we decided not to do make-up because we had all just used the face mask, but I got a lovely manicure and hand massage and we watched 13 going on 30, it’s such a great film. We really enjoyed it)

*bubble bath – (I relaxed in the bath while Kaitlynn and Emily (with a little supervision from Dad) made a three course meal. We had fruit cocktail, Chicken tikka with poppadoms and naan bread and then for dessert we had chocolate cake and ice cream. It was all delicious. mmmmm)

*Watch some friends – After my bubble bath I watched some Friends waiting to be called down for dinner.

*Rent a Movie – After dinner we rented Ramona and Beezus and The Other Guys from Film Flex.

I had such a fantastic Mother’s Day. I was really happy that Kaitlynn and Emily had went to such a lot of trouble to make sure I had a wonderful and relaxing day. I was not allowed to wash any dishes or lift a finger all day!! It was AMAZING!

So, that is how Miss Docherty spent her Mother’s Day. 😀 😀 😀

Miss Docherty

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