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Mrs B and Room 15

asking our class and Miss B’s class to take part in a blogging challenge. We had to consider our community. We had a brainstorm in class and came up with lots of ideas.

Miss Docherty

Room 15’s Post

Last week we watched a video by Miss B’s Block and it got us thinking about communities.  What is a community?  What would it be like to not have a community?  Is a community part  of our identity? We have also found out there are lots of different types of communities.  We decided to focus on our local community and for homework last week Room 15 were asked to take photos of ‘our community’.  We want to share our brainstorm with you and a video of the photos some students took.

We would really like Miss B’s Block and the Brilliant Bloggers to share a brainstorm about their local community so we can compare and contrast.  Are there many differences between your local community and ours?  Is your community part of your identity?

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Challenge 4 (Class blog challenge)


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  1. Hi Brilliant Bloggers!

    I can’t wait to show Room 15 your video. It’s going to be great exploring the similarities and differences between our communities!

    We’ll let you know how we get on =)

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