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  1. Kim and Gemma,
    What great slideshows! They really showed us different areas of your school.

    Here in Tasmania, at the school I teach at, we also have chickens and a school farm with pigs, sheep and cattle. Some students were taking part with the animals at the Bream Creek Show this weekend. I will be putting up a slideshow this week of what I saw at the show. You might want to visit and leave a comment once it is published.

    Just click on my name or avatar and it will take you to my class blog.

  2. Hi Miss Docherty and Brilliant Bloggers
    Well done on the slide show! I’d never seen Anarchy before but I’ll have to check it out now.
    The snow was amazing! But I hope you’re enjoying a bit of spring now. Are the snowdrops out yet in Lanarkshire?
    Mrs Bird

  3. Hi Mr Thurlow
    I think that you and your class are absolutely right. All schools are pretty much the same. Unfortunately no, Bonkers is not allowed to roam around the school, but P5 would really like it if she could. Bonkers is one of the children’s hens (Abby) and she has become special to our class over this year as we and lots of other people helped to name her. The picture of Bonkers is added to our school because of what she means to us.

    In November and December we had some time off due to the really snowy weather which the children thought was brilliant. We actually had some snow again this weekend!!! I don’t think it will lead to any days off though.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on our blog. 😀

    Miss Docherty and the Brilliant Bloogers

  4. We watched photographs about your school. We think that all schools are very much the same except for the hen ,” bonkers” . We are wondering if bonkers is allowed to walk around your school on those snowy day as in the photograph. If Burnham school had that much snow, school for us would be called off.

    Room 2, Burnham school, NEW Zealand

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