Paddy the bear

Paddy  was yesterday’s class student,  he came from Germany .It was one of the girls in our class who brought him in. Paddy  has a belly  button. Yesterday the fire bell went and we left paddy in the class room but it was a test so he was alright .We are  glad because he is very expensive .It was our friends dad who got her  it. The make of the bear is Steiff.   It is extremely cute . He is gold and brown, he has a short, puffy tail and he wears clothes to impress.

When you are chosen to bring in a student you have to introduce them to the class. All of the other boys and girls in the class have to listen really well because the teacher asks them to answer questions about what you have told them in your introduction.

When it is time for maths, the person who brought the student in has to explain to their student what they are learning that day. They also have to do this for all of the other things that we are doing in class.

At the end of the day, the person who brought the student in has to talk about all of the things that the student has learned that day.

by Erin Blair and Chloe Kelly

Our Student for the day - Paddy

6 thoughts on “Paddy the bear”

  1. Hey Brilliant Bloggers!

    My name is Zachary and I live in Haely Quebec with my mother nd in North Hately with my dad. My favorite sport is soccer. Does your class have a favourite sport?

    How is the weather where you are, here it is still cold. I loved your “Paddy the Bear” post and I hope you don’t mind if we borrow the idea.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. Hi my name is Colby.
    I am 9 years old.
    That is very neat that you can bring in special students from home. I hope my class will do that. I have one question to ask: Do you have a list of names and you go down it to decide who is bringing their student next? Or do you bring them in all at the same time?

    Hope to hear from you!

  3. Hey Brilliant Bloggers,

    I love the idea of having each student be responsible for the learning that takes place in a day. I have always felt as though learning is a social process, and that we all learn best when we do so as part of a group. I like the idea of bringing in a new student every day and I feel in many ways that this is something that can be accomplished by blogging. Students and teachers form across oceans can share ideas and opinions and in doing so, we all better our learning and our learning environment.

    I think that Paddy looks like a pretty cool bear and I like the idea of sharing a piece of home with our fellow students. I know that when I was a boy in school sharing the things that made me the happiest at home with my classmates, always made me feel more comfortable at school.

    Keep on Blogging!!

    Mr. Andrew

    Don’t forget to check out Our Blog

  4. Hey Paddy and fellow students,

    I have been reading your posts on, “student from home” and I love the idea!

    My students often bring in teddies from home and I sometimes have to tell them to put them away and back in their cubbies or school bags (so they’re not a distraction).

    However, if my students were each allowed to bring in a special “student from home” and have to communicate all those cool things in class, I bet we could all learn a lot!

    I hope you don’t mind if my class and I use your teacher’s wonderful idea?

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Our Blog

    Miss B\’s Block
    (Quebec, Canada)

  5. thank you for sharing your awesome teddy bear and now i must go and get a teddy bear.

    p.s: i am a boy bye zoooom.

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