4 thoughts on “Billy Bear”

  1. You’re instructions could not have been simpler which was GREAT!!! I was thinking what to say in my voki for my E-PortFoliGlow but I have a Brilliant idea for a Brilliant Blogger.I will try to write the instructions on a piece of paper but no promises that I’ll do them well.


  2. Hi Kim

    This is absolutely fantastic – you really have earned the name BRILLIANT BLOGGER!!!! 😀

    Well done on posting your first voki to the blog!!!! This is a great accomplishment. This would be a super entry for your E-PortfoliGlow!!

    Were my instructions easy to follow?

    Perhaps you could have a go at creating your own set of instructions for adding voki to the blog to help the other pupils in the class.

    You could make a video next week and post this to the Brilliant Bloggers Wiki and on to our blog.

    What do you think?

    Miss Docherty

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