The Tetris Cube – Home Challenge

In primary five one person each night is chosen to take part in ‘The Tetris Cube – Home Challenge’. The children have the opportunity to take this addictive puzzle home and work with their family to try and fit the pieces back into the box. It might sound simple in light of the fact that there are over 9000 solutions. Did you manage to find one?

If you have taken part in the ‘Tetris Cube – Home Challenge’ tell us a bit about your experience. Who helped you? Did you get frustrated? How long did you try? Did you find a solution?

Miss Docherty

Highly addictive, 3D challenge with over 9000 solutions
The Tetris Home Challenge - Don't give in too soon!

One thought on “The Tetris Cube – Home Challenge”

  1. I tried the ‘Tetris Cube Home Challenge’it was hard but aventually i got it then i did some research and found out other ways to do the ‘Tetris Cube Home Challenge’.

    By Kim Lambert

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