Authors Live Event

Today we learned a lot about Jacqueline Wilson on our Glow Meet.
We now know she is selling a new book in February and it is called Lily Alone.We also know lots of information about Jacqueline Wilson and her books,she also let us ask questions. Also our task today was to write down the questions we would ask Jacqueline and write down notes about her and her books.When Jacqueline was a kid she dreamed of writing Jacqueline used to day dream and get called horrible names by her class teacher.
We liked being a part of the live event and getting to talk to Jacqueline Wilson.

By Kim and Rachael.c

3 thoughts on “Authors Live Event”

  1. Dear Mrs Clelland

    we learned that Jacqueline Wilson wrote Tracey Beaker and when she was young she wrote a book called The Maggots.Shes has been writing books for 50 years and they are all great.She has wrote 100 books by:Chloe F,Lee B,Rachel D

  2. Dear Mrs Clelland

    we learned that Jacqueline Wilson is writing a new book called Lilly Alone,and we learned that she writes two books each year.

    By Kirsty,Garry and Jorgia

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