Fox poo

Fox poo in Dow’s wood

Fox poo is twisty and hairy.

Foxes eat mice, squirrels and rabbits and that’s why it’s hairy.

Fox boo is black and has green on the twist.





In Banton at a burn the biggies went burn dipping and one of the most popular bugs was the mayfly and this is some facts about the mayfly.

Picture from bug life

Mayflies start life as an egg on the bed of the river, before hatching into a nymph. The nymphs feed on algae and other things on the bottom of a river. Mayflies are unique as insects in having two winged adult stages. After emerging from the water they fly to the bank where they shelter on the underside of leaves or in the grass. Mayflies were one of the first winged insects with fossils dating back 300 million years long before dinosaurs! There are 51 species of mayfly known from the British isles today and they range in size from less than 5mm to over 20mm.

Top picture by bug life and bottom picture by the BANTON BIGGIES

by Aaliyah And Jessica