HOMEWORK GRID –Summer Term – 2022 part 2

Complete at least one activity each week from each of the 4 columns. ✭✭ activities count as 2, but you should make sure they are of good quality!
In addition to this, please read a book for at least 15 minutes every night. This could be your reading book or another one.
Where appropriate, please upload a document or photo of the task to Assignments  in Teams. Or you could email it to your own Glow Email and upload it to Teams in school. If you cannot get online, you can bring your jotter into school and take a photo to upload with your iPad.  

Remember DUMTUMS Use the Bold text from the grid as a title.

If it is work you are proud of or that meets one of your targets you could post it to your e-portfolio.


2 Step Problems This is a 2 step word problem: A classroom is arranged with four tables of six seats, and a row of five places. How many places are there in the classroom?

you have to do (4 x 6) + 5 to find the answer.

Can you write 3 more 2 step problems and write them out with brackets. Remember BODMAS  

Write a poem could be ★ or ★★Conversation
Can you think of 3 topics of conversation you could use when talking to a group of p1 to 3s or 4-6s
Do a 20 minute photo challange

4 Operations

Practise your four operations, do 4 sums that are just at the right level

If you need the practise you could do this one every week.

Make Fake News

Look at the Tree Octopus site. Can you make a fake sheet about a Fake animal that is convincing? Words & pictures? ★★

Eating together
Design a advert to persuade people that eating together is a good idea, remember your persuasive writing techniques.
ICT Task 
Create instructions for how you carry out an ICT task, put enough details in to make it worth ✭✭
Make some symmetrical pictures with two lines of symmetry. Do not be sloppy, be accurate. This could be ★★ if you put in the effort.

Inferential questions
Write 3 inferential questions about a chapter in your reading book.
Write a report for your e-portfolio about what you are learning about football this term. Make a fact sheet about an aspect of Buddhism we have not talked about in class.
Solve the equations (coming soon)


Pick a spelling word – can you make up a mind map about the word.


Photo Challenge

Do a 20 minute photo challenge.




 Try a scratch challenge ★★.


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