BBC big bird watch 2018

BBC big bird watch Primary 4-7

One day we went to participate in the BBC big bird watch so we went round Banton not right round so we went past every single house but we did go round the majority of the village. Mr Carter was here because he helps us with the nature sort of stuff at our school. We went round after lunch time it took us a while.

We seen loads of birds like
• Blackbirds
• Robins
• Blue tits
• Street pigeons
• Collared dove
• Starlings
• Jackdaws
• Chaffinch
• Crow
• House sparrows
• Rooks
• Carrion crows
• Wood pigeons

There was 109 different birds we spotted the most common birds we spotted were starlings and jackdaws it was quite fun some people had binoculars with them like people took shots of Mr. Johnson’s and Mr. Carter also had some and me too. It was a amazing time for some of us but some people moaned about how sour there feet and legs were.

you can read about some of the birds we see in Banton Birds. 

By Emma

Biggies Spring Watch

Last Wednesday we went down to Andrew Dows wood to see the different things about spring there were loads of animals and nature. Mr and Mrs Carter took us because they knew a lot more than we know about nature and animals. There was much to learn, about loads of parts in the woods. We learned about some birds and we heard more than we saw.



The insects we saw, there were butterflies. One species was orange tip.  the difference between then are the males have the little bronze bit at the tip of their wings and the females have a light green bit under their wings. We saw dancing midges that do not bite but other midges will bite. We saw bees getting pollen.



We saw yellow gorse bush and it smelled like coconuts.
We also saw bluebells and butter cups and a king cup which is bigger than a butter cup and grows in the marsh.
We also saw violets and lots of lovely beeees!!!!!!
Collecting pollen and nectar. We saw cherry blossom.


We saw a tree that was giant it was in school woods. We got three people to stand around the tree and link arms and measure how long our arms together would be together and it came to about 5 meters. We then put our arm 45 degrees until it looked like we touched the top of the tree then we took about meter steps and how many steps we took it would be the height of the tree and we got 25 so the tree is about 25 meters high. It grows 2 cm a year. The trees we saw were beech trees, birch trees, Rowen trees , hawthorn trees and blossoming trees.

Zara & Islay


We heard loads of birds even some from Africa like the blackcap and chiffchaff. The reason why the blackcap is called this name is because it has Markings on its face like a blackcap on your head and it is the same with the chiffchaff it is called the chiffchaff because they make a noise that says chiffchaff. There was also a buzzard flying over the area scanning it for prey to eat. We also heard a great tit saying teacher.


BIG BBC bird watch

Last week we went on the Big BBC Schools birdwatch with Mr Carter and Mrs Carter.

First we saw a house sparrow that was eating bird food in our playground. they was three there,  we got 23 at the end of our long walk.
Next we saw jackdaws they were a black bird with a slightly grey Neck. We saw 77 jackdaws at the end.
We saw a buzzard in the distance by Mill Pond.

And we put the birds that we got on the BBC big Schools birdwatch page. We had lots of fun doing it.
And we will continue everyday to feed the birds.


We have started collection information about the birds we see in the playground and around Banton: Banton Birds.

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