How to trace



iOS device and brushes
Internet (for photo)

Today I am going to be telling you how to make a photo that you have drawn thanks to an app called BRUSHES REDUX.

Let’s get started

1.First go onto safari and look for a photo you would like to draw on and if you don’t want to then go onto camera and take a photo of something.
2.Hold down on your screen on the photo you want and a pop up will come up saying copy or save image click save image.
3.Now go into brushes redux and make a new picture landscape way or portrait way.
4.Press the import button and click your photo then make sure it almost fits the page (if possible)

5.Now drag the photo you took or the one off the internet to the bottom by going into layers and using the drag icon then lock the bottom one
6.Now draw around your photo and end up with stunning detail if you zoom in but it may become a wee bit more pixelated.
7.Once you are finished your photo click the export button and send it to photos.
8.Now if you want you can print your photo and put it up on your wall . HORAY img_0028

Art start


This year we have been doing some art work and we made some silhouettes and we made them all different colours. Lots of us made them different kinds of flowers and they all looked really cool.

Here is a picture of the work that we have done of the flowers.
We were thinking of the different shapes and colours and how they went together. The pictures were stuck together on black card.

We did this other piece of art when Mr. Johnston gave us a flower and we had to sketch it out. We had to draw flowers while looking at them so they had more detail.

We also made a pattern of leaves thinking about the negative shapes.    image

These pieces of work are for the Banton flower show. We are going to be making one more piece of art and we will be picking out of one of them each to send to the show.

By Alex, Ellie and Luke