Testing hardness

We tested hardness by seeing how high a golf ball would bounce off different materials.

Apparatus we used

How we made it fair

We dropped the ball from the same hight each time and measured it from the top of the ball each time.



The hardest material is the brick because the golf ball bounced the highest hitting off of it.

The softest material is the cotton because the golf ball didn’t really hit off of it.

A hard material is one which gets the most bounce.

Straw and Order report

Straw and order is a play set in a court room. The donkeys that live in the stable which the baby Jesus was born in and the cows that live in the same stable are accusing each other for inviting people to they’re peaceful stable when nobody invited anyone. The judge, judge grumps and the narrator leave the court room and go back in time, only by a day but to see what happened before Jesus was born and see Jesus be born.

In this play the school had a few challenges ahead of us, we had to do harmonies in some of the songs. We have never done harmonies so it was quite difficult for us but we got the hang of it by the end. We had to use quite a lot of expression to make the funny bits funny, we had to project our voices and not speak too fast, we had to also dance a lot. I learned how to do all of these things just from a show which is amazing.

It was really fun and it worked out fine in the end, thankfully. Everybody done so well and it was so nice to be part of.


By Hannah

Foxy fox in a box

Gaming fox,
Playing an Xbox,
In a box,
Communicating with another fox,
On an Xbox,
In another box.

Sneaky fox,
Is in love with an ox,
Who is currently buying some socks,
While sneaky fox is picking some locks.

Sly fox,
On roblox,
Playing rocky castle with a fox,
# more rocks and blocks,
While the ox is buying some clocks.

Lovely fox,
Because he doesn’t know why,
Birds are in flocks.

Crazy fox,
Has a big box,
While ox knocks,
On a burger king box.

Cheated fox,
Got married to the ox,
But the ox,
Is in a box,
With another fox…

To be continued