Outdoor Literacy and Baking for Maths

P1-3 have had an action packed day!

We went on a scavenger hunt following the clues which led us to letters.  We unscrambled the letters to find where Teddy has hiding and had a lovely picnic in the  morning sun.

For maths, we put our measuring skills to use. We used the scales to weigh out all the ingredients and baked some yummy cookies. We even cleaned up too!

This afternoon we played parachute games for P.E and made a PowerPoint of a Rainforest animal.

Consolidating Our Learning with Purposeful Play

P1-3 would like to share some of our phoneme work with you. We have been revisiting some of our sounds and have had such a fun time doing so. We’ve been fishing for ‘sh’ words,  making ‘s’ in the sand, enjoying a tea party with teddy, making igloos with ice and so much more!



Primary 5/6/7 Space

Primary 5/6/7 have been following the progress of astronaut Tim Peake in the International Space Station. They watched the Cosmic Classroom lesson that he did from The I.S.S. Tim demonstrated how there is no gravity in space by playing ping pong using a globule of water and hydro-repellent bats.

The children decided that they would like to learn more about gravity and conducted their own experiments in class by linking it to a previous lesson on flight which looked at the four forces of flight which are thrust, lift, weight and  drag.

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