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Road Safety Magic Show

Today we saw a magic show about road safety.  We learned lots and had great fun.  Some of the things we enjoyed were….


Daniel – The funny part when the face moved.

Ava – I liked the light show.

Lara – I liked the part when the lollipop man picture was shouting stuff.

Blair – I liked the dancing.

Grace – I liked the dog Robbie.  He looked cute.


Some things that we learned were…

Alice – When the green man flashes you can’t cross the road.

Charlie – I learned that green is below because it means go.

Olivia – Red is at the top because it tells the cars to stop.

We all learned that the four important words for road safety are : STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK.

P3 & 4 Golden Time Research Project

Primary 3 and 4  carried out a research project to find out what everyone thought about Golden Time.  They put the results together into a powerpoint.  Today they presented their findings to everyone at assembly.

Take a look at their powerpoint presentation.


In the coming weeks we will reintroduce Golden Time taking these results and the pupil voice into account.