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Children who attain the age of 5 years between 1 March 2021 and 28 February 2022 should register for starting Primary 1 in August 2021.

The procedures for registering your child for Primary 1 have changed and will now be completed online.  The the documents and information that you will require are at the end of this communication.

If your child is of school age, please complete the attached Primary 1 Pupil Enrolment Form and send it to the enquiries email address of the school in your catchment area.  If it is Banton Primary, send it to 
You must provide a photograph or scanned copy of your child’s birth certificate, and your council tax bill or utility bill.

If you wish to make a placing request to another school, you still have to apply to your catchment school who will then  forward your application on.  You should also complete a placing request form which can be found at Placing Request

Please also see link for information about starting school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01236794874 or at

Kind Regards
Siobhan McLeod HT

Enquiries Email List CC_2020_00226 Education Primary 1 Pupil Enrolment Form A4_

Enquiries Email List


To highlight child poverty in our community, on Sat 12th December, local talent will be bringing music to your ears!

 Fulton Henderson will be charming you on the Pipes with Stuart Price drumming up the beat on the Drum.

 They will be playing round the streets of the Village to raise money to buy Christmas presents for local children in Kilsyth and surrounding villages, who are in need.

 We would be delighted if you could show your support, either by foot-tapping or clapping along from your doorstep.  It would also be amazing if you were in a position to be able to donate a little money to help fill their buckets.

 This is part of a 12-hour Pipe and Drum-athon around Kilsyth, Croy, Queenzieburn and Banton.

 Here is the route for Banton.  

They will start at Henderson’s Farm at 10.30 am and their route is as follows:

 Main St 


Mill Road

The Mill Pond


Mailings Road

Old Mailings 

Lammerknowes Road

Kelvinside Crescent

St Margaret’s Avenue

Main Street

The Swan


Thank you very much!

Community Survey – Share your views

Dear All

Please take 5 minutes to complete this short survey.  This will help to shape  community priorities.  


There is also an opportunity for a community listening event which take place online and are an excellent opportunity for local people to have their voice heard and again to inform localised priorities for the community boards.

Kilsyth Ward 1

Monday 9/11

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Book a place at

Thank you.