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I was most impressed by the great learning that was going on in the P1-3 classroom.  In the morning, some pupils visit another classroom to work on Literacy and Numeracy and in the afternoon, the Primary 4 pupils come to work on Interdisciplinary tasks, (learning across some areas of the curriculum using a ‘themed’ approach).

Pupils are used to having their name in lights and every week the ‘pupil of the week’ is displayed in a special frame for everyone to see.



Pupils have been exploring different countries across the world through the story ‘Flat Stanley’.  Lots of ‘Flat Stanley’s’ (cardboard cut-outs) popped into people’s suitcases and visited a number of places.  Some photographs came back too showing what Flat Stanley had seen on his holiday.  Can you see what countries he visited from this display?

Does the dragon give you a clue?
Does the dragon give you a clue?

Pupils used their imagination to create ‘disguises’ for Flat Stanley to wear and then used a variety of materials to make this.  They then wrote about their disguise.

Pupils were really motivated by this topic which sparked a lot of interesting discussions at home.  We had very positive written feedback and comments during our teacher/parent/carer consultations.  Thank you.

A few parents would have liked to have been more involved in Flat Stanley’s adventures as they had family members who were travelling to different parts of the world.   We value your feedback and will build parent/carer involvement into the planning stage of our Interdisciplinary topics in future.  Please keep an eye on the blog and keep those great suggestions coming!

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