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November 17, 2017
by Mr Colquhoun

P4b Outdoor P.E – Basketball

These are some lovely action shots of P4b participating in a Basketball competition outside in the playground.


Everyone played fair, you all tried hard to involve every layer in your team and I’m very proud to say that there were no ‘sore losers’. We all know it is important to realise that P.E is about developing your skills and sometimes we cannot all be on the winning team.


Fro any ‘sports enthusiasts’ out there reading this, I realise we don’t have backboards on the nets, this is something we are currently working hard to acquire.

Well done P4b, keep developing those skills and tearing up the basketball court. Yeah P4b!

I can’t remember who our photographer was, but apologies for the fact that they kept capturing images of my big baldy head. Typical referee, always in the way.

Mr Colquhoun

November 17, 2017
by Mr Colquhoun

Friday Club – Using Modelling Clay

Today in Friday club everyone was given the opportunity to create whatever they wanted out of modelling clay.

The whole point of the session was to share resources, use our creativity and provide some constructive feedback to each other about design ideas and clay modelling skills on show.


Here are some great images of the work that everyone did.

  Kieran made this awesome Snowman. Excellent work Kieran, tonight I hope you….chill…..out. Sorry….terrible joke Kieran.

 Mason created an image of a house.

 Katie’s sausage roll.


Well done Friday Club! You all shared resources, worked hard to achieve an end goal and made a piece of artwork you can all be proud of.

 Kaiden’s snowman and bonfire. Good job it’s not a real fire, the snowman would melt and have a wee ‘Olaf’ moment.

 Nice bonfire from Ava. Lovely work Ava.


Well done Friday Club, you are all developing team work skills that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your lives.

Mr Colquhoun

November 17, 2017
by Mr Colquhoun

Friday Club – Halloween Bats

Today in Friday Club, all members were given the chance to create some Halloween decorations for use in the home or garden.


The group worked really well, they shared resources, they drew body shapes of bats on black card, and they finished the lesson by sticking ‘bat body parts’ on two sections of a massive paper clip.

The paper clip can now be clipped onto an item of furniture, either indoor or outdoor to decorate the home or garden on Halloweeeeeeeennn! Mia ha ha ha!


 ‘Bat-tastic’ bat there Ava! Well done.

 Well done Keiran, I love the shape of the bat wings you decided on. Impressive work today Mr Herd.

 As you can see, Reece tested the ‘clip’ mechanism and it is in perfect working order. Well done Reece.

 Teri looking chuffed with her creation. Nice one Teri!


November 17, 2017
by Mr Colquhoun

Health Week – P3 Dance Sessions

Hello there folks.

P3 classes today took part in our ‘Sponsored Dance’.

Some good images here to show off the moves on display in the gym hall.

Rock’n’Roll P3.

Mr Colquhoun

   Big smiles all round! Go on P3! Dance, dance, dance!

November 17, 2017
by Mr Colquhoun

P7 Programming Lessons with ‘Scratch’

P7 have been working on basic coding skills with an online tool called ‘Scratch’.

The pupils have been able to code a series of instructions or commands into a software programme, to create a game or a moving image of their choice. I’m very impressed with their efforts.

Please, all parents/ carers/ pupils, feel free to leave comments on the BLOG so P7 can see that you have checked out the images of their work.

Continue coding P7! Hopefully one day you will all be awesome web designers and make a fortune!

Mr Colquhoun

 This is a screen shot of the game that Calum made!

Well done Calum.

 This is a screen shot of the code that Elissa taught everyone to use. She had some wonderful skills and knowledge to bring to Ladywell from her previous school.

I am very, very impressed Elissa.

 Some of our parent body who are ‘Teens of the 80’s’ will remember the original ‘Pong’. Those were the days…….

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