Chinese New Year Assembly!

Primary 4 have worked very hard and performed an outstanding assembly this morning. We learned a huge variety about Chinese life from ghosts and demons to elegant dancing and wise dragons. The children have work together as a team and enjoyed all they have learned.

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Sports for Champions UK


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The school had a visit from Commonwealth champion boxer Charlie Flynn today.

We all had a chance to experience some of the types of exercise that a boxer needs to do to stay fit and health.

Later on, there was a “skip off” between Jack in P6, Sophie Mc (room 9!), Charlie and Miss Morrison!

What a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon!

A Busy Start to the Year in Room 9

Room 9 have been settling in well this year.

We have been learning all about the Titanic for our interdisciplinary topic.

We have been learning to tell the time and working on place value in maths.

In literacy we have been reading interesting stories and writing about the Titanic.

We have also been having lots of fun in gym playing basketball and handball with a coach.

Have a look at some of our pictures!     

Following the children’s interests

Snow Day. The children took great delight in playing out in the snow!

100_5847                       100_5863

Lots of snow in the morning.             But almost gone by the afternoon!

Over the past few weeks the children have been developing their knowledge on subjects that they want to learn about e.g. – Spider-man, animals, transformers, hoovers, Frozen. Staff have encouraged the children to  use books, the internet and involved the different interests in a variety of activities throughout the nursery – puzzles, play dough, small world toys. Some of the children took the opportunity to investigate more about spiders and where Spider-man lives, others enjoyed using a variety of super heroes during play activities, others created cages for zoo animals to stay while some created their own robots or investigated the parts of a vacuum cleaner and others investigated how to make ice.

100_7296  100_7333

Painting the zoo cages.

100_7271  100_7331

Making ice just like Elsa.              Looking at different dinosaurs.

100_7290        104_3766

How do they bite?                          That’s Bumblebee!

104_3767           104_3769

Creating Bumblebee the transformer.

101_2856       101_2855

Can you put it together again?      Yes I can!


Super heroes to the rescue!