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Room 16 – Maths in Real-Life Situations

Primary 7 have been working on using maths in real-life situations.  We are currently working on ‘Planning a Christmas Party’.  We have been working in cooperative learning groups to plan and organise a fictional end of term Christmas Party.  It will be an evening party with food, drinks, decor and entertainment.  This has involved using fractions, percentages, pie charts, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Room 16 – Rotational Symmetry

Room 16 have been working on rotational symmetry.  We learned that rotational symmetry is when you can turn an object so that it looks exactly the same.  The number of positions in which it looks exactly the same gives you its order of symmetry.  We drew around different shapes to help us count the order of symmetry.  We also created our own designs featuring rotational symmetry.