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Kilbowie – Group 2

Mark and his group had a brilliant time coasteering!

Kilbowie – Group 3

Group 3 did an excellent job at working together on the canoe!

Kilbowie – Group 1

The children in Fiona’s group had an awesome day climbing!


Kilbowie – Group 5

Chris and his group enjoyed skiing and gorge walking!

Goodbye Kilbowie

It’s safe to say that we have had the time of our lives at Kilbowie. The staff could not have spoken more highly of each and every pupil that came to Kilbowie. You all did yourselves proud and the school proud with you hard work and dedication to everything that you did.

Myself, Mrs Black and Ms Brannigan would like to thank you all for giving us a wonderful experience!

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Kilbowie- A walk into Oban

Mrs Stocks heard how amazing we were all doing at Kilbowie and decided to treat us all to an ice cream. We got the mini bus down to Oban and walked to the ice cream shop. We stopped to watch the local high school’s pipe band and then walked all the way back up to the centre. We were all very tired after our evening adventures. Thanks to Mrs Stocks for our sweet treat.

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Kilbowie – Groups 3 & 4

Have a look at some of the exciting activities that instructor Adam’s group got up to!


What an amazing time we all had in Kilbowie! It was fantastic to see you all take on new challenges and conquer your fears. We will start to upload photographs which we took on the school camera and the photographs your instructors took shortly.

Unfortunately, due to there being no access to wifi we were unable to upload photographs from the school camera to the blog. We are unable to use our personal phones to take pictures and upload them to the blog due to data protection laws. We hope you understand and enjoy the pictures that will be going up shortly.



Kilbowie Update

We have all arrived safely and are having a great time. We have been gorge walking, canoeing and climbing.  We are hoping to spend a full day on the river tomorrow. A few of the pupils were super excited to start their day and were up and eager to go at 5am, the teachers, however, were not so eager that early in the morning!

Unfortunately due to lack of wifi we are unable to post regular updates and photographs. However, we will try our best!

Don’t worry, photographs will be put up on the blog when we return!

See you all soon