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Christmas in Room 9!

It’s been a very busy and fun-filled week in Room 9.

We have been making Christmas cards and calendars, we have had our party along with Room 6 and we have been learning new songs (and practising some old favourites) to sing for the other classes who have been coming along to hear us.

We have had a great time but are looking forward to our holidays!

Room 9, Mrs Costello and Mrs Gilchrist wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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Room 9 Raise the Titanic

Room 9 will be learning all about the Titanic in their Interdisciplinary Unit this term.

On Thursday they set about building it to raise it from its watery depths below the sea.

On Friday morning, when the children arrived,  they found that it had made its way on to the classroom wall!

Well done Room 9, you worked hard on this!

titanic frieze

Room 9

This term we are focusing on Healthy Lifestyles. We will be learning about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and the ways in which we can achieve this. We  will also be learning about the importance of regular exercise. The children will be involved in doing their own personal research during this topic. P4 also have cooking this term and will be given the opportunity to prepare and cook lots of healthy meals.