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Road Safety

Room 5 and Room 6 have been learning how to stay safe on the roads when lorries are about.

We learned:

*that a lorry has 4 blind spots, where they cannot see you

*it takes a lorry the length of a full football pitch to stop

 *a lorry weighs 44 tons

*we are never to run in front of a lorry to get a ball

*do not stand next to a lorry when they are trying to turn

We all got the chance to go into the cab of the lorry and look around. We all had a great time and learned how to keep ourselves safe when lorries are around.


Outdoor Learning

Room 6 have been participating in outdoor learning for the past 2 days. They took part in a wide range of activities and they were extremely lucky with the weather.

In class the children have been learning about non-fiction texts. They had the opportunity to create their own page for a class book about outdoor creatures using all of their knowledge.

Being Scottish in Room 6

This week boys and girls in room 6 have been learning about Scots language using the story of The Gruffalo in Scots.

We learned words like neb, een, plook, clook, muckle and many more.  Ask us what they mean and we will see if we can remember.

We have enjoyed learning these new words and even managed to write our own wee verse about the wee broon moose meeting a pine marten.

Well done Primary 3!content

Health Topic Room 6

This term Room 6 will be learning all about how to keep a healthy body. We had a class discussion about what we already know and what we would like to know. We came up with 3 main questions we would like to answer:

1. How do we keep our bodies fit and healthy?

2. How do we keep our minds healthy?

3. What types of foods should we eat to keep us healthy?