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Literacy Week in Primary 2

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Literacy Week was a ‘magic moment’ for lots of the children in Primary 2.  They loved all of the activities they completed on The Gingerbread Man and Hansel and Gretel.  They decorated their own gingerbread man and then wrote a set of instructions, they acted out different parts of the stories and completed character descriptions.  The thing they enjoyed the most though was sharing their learning with their family at the open afternoon on Friday, thank you all very much for taking the time to visit our classroom!

Science Week

Primary 2 and Primary 3 enjoyed becoming scientists last week. We took part in experiments and learned some new scientific language  like predict, variable and fair test.  We also learned how to record our findings from our experiments and reported back to each other.

We enjoyed our trip to the Science Centre where we went on a     mini beast hunt! It was lots of fun!!


Outdoor Learning

We have enjoyed exploring our local community throughout this sessions outdoor learning. We visited Palacerigg  Country Park and participated in a Spring scavenger hunt. We then visited the animals and sketched pencil drawings of our favourite animals. Check out our twitter page for photos from today.

We went on a walk in our local area and enjoyed seeing a train, our new high school and many other sights! Mrs Brannigan even showed us where the P7’s fish were released!


Egg-cellent Fun!

We have had lots of fun welcoming our newest additions to our school. On Wednesday we had a surprise arrival when one of our eggs hatched and our first baby chick was born.

When we arrived in school on Thursday morning we got a BIG surprise to find that  another 6 chicks had arrived overnight.

We have enjoyed visiting the chicks daily and we even got a cuddle of them on today! They were very soft and fluffy!

Primary 2 Cooking

We had lots of fun developing our cooking skills during our first cooking session. We learned how to use the bridge and claw in order to chop and slice a range of vegetables for our bruschetta.  Some of us even tried some new vegetables and we really liked them.  Our bruschetta tasted delicious!



P2 Visit to the House for an Art Lover

We have been learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and we went to visit the House for an Art Lover.

We learned that this building was designed by Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret in 1901.  We also learned that the house itself is only 22 years old and it has some Rennie Mackintosh inspired work inside.

We saw the main hall, dining room and music room. We were given sketch books and got to draw our own Rennie Mackintosh pictures.

The last thing we did was to visit an art studio where we used paper shapes to make our own 3D pictures and then we took rubbings of these.  We really enjoyed our trip and had lots of fun!

Scottish Afternoon

Primary 2 and Primary 3 held a Scottish afternoon to celebrate learning about Scotland.

We learned some Scottish dances, including the Military Two Step, Strip the Willow, the Gay Gordons and the Saint Bernard’s Waltz. We held a ceilidh and danced these dances as well as making up our own Scottish moves to some traditional music. We had lots of fun although we were all very exhausted afterwards.

After our ceilidh we tasted oatcakes with Scottish butter and cheese, shortbread and homemade tablet all washed down with a drink of irn-bru. It was DELICIOUS!!!