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P2 Information Handling

Last week, primary two went on a hunt around the school to look for the different types of homes. Before we set off, we predicted the most and least popular.

We used tally marks to record each type of home and then displayed our results in a bar graph. We discovered that our predictions were correct and that a flat was the most popular!

A letter delivery for P2!

A letter was sent to primary 2 today from Katie Morag all the way from the Isle of Struay!

Mrs McCormack sent Katie a letter to see if she would help the boys and girls to learn about living on an island in Scotland. Katie sent a letter back to say yes and that she would like to learn about living on the mainland  in Cumbernauld. She sent us her teddy Tiresome Ted  for us to take home each night with postcards to write to Katie.

A note for Parents- If your child has Ted home they do not need to complete homework assigned for that night. Your child can write on a blank postcard provided to tell Katie about Ted’s sleepover and/or about living in Cumbernauld (see example). Thank you for your continued support. Mrs McCormack

Primary Two Outdoor Learning

We had so much fun learning outdoors. We enjoyed going on a community walk to the park. We also read the story ‘Leaf Man’ and then created our own leaf art. We worked with a partner to search for real phoneme words and nonsense words. We read each word and then posted the real words into the postbox and gave the nonsense words to the bin! We used rulers to measure the length of leaves and sticks we found in our garden.


A special delivery for primary 2!

As a class, we decided that we wanted to learn all about Dinosaurs. The next day, a letter was sent to our classroom from a paleontologist asking us to follow the instructions. We went out into the playground and followed the instructions to turn left, right and walk forward which lead us to the outdoor classroom. We then discovered a box and inside and we found Dinosaur bones!! We were so excited!

In the classroom we learned what it would be like to be a paleontologist and study bones and fossils. We then had a go at being paleontologists, investigating the ‘bones’ (cookies) in the ‘dirt’ (chocolate powder). It was great fun!


Primary 1/2 Snow days

Hello boys and girls! I hope that you are all having  fun in the snow. I can not wait to hear all about your snow stories!

Here are a few things that you can do at home linked to what we are learning in class:

•Read your reading book. Tell someone at home the characters in the book and what happens at the beginning, the middle and the end. You could create an alternative ending to the story, drawing on paper and having a go at the writing with help from an adult.

•Read your common words. Write them in the air using your finger or write them in the snow!

•Use your 0-20 cards. Pick one card and say the number before and after. Pick four cards and order them (smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest). Use the 0-9 cards, pick two and add them together or take the smallest number from the biggest number, creating your own add and subtract sums.

•We are learning about time. Time yourself doing a variety of tasks i.e. putting on shoes/jackets. Guess how long first and then time to check your guess! Practise saying the days of the week and months of the year.

•If you have access to the internet see the websites below for fun games

First Sounds

Add and Subtract to 10