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Young Writers 2018

I am very proud to announce that 58 children from P5-7 have had their stories selected to be published in a book called ‘Toy Stories- Authors From Scotland’. This is an amazing achievement and we are incredibly proud.

All children submitted stories and we are blown away by the number of stories that have been selected to be published. The Young Writers organisation have also sent back stories that were not selected with feedback for the children. They were so impressed with the writing from our school that they have given these children the opportunity to rewrite their stories and send them back to get them published alongside their friends.

A massive well done to all the children who participated.

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House for an Art Lover

Today P7 had the opportunity to visit the beautiful ‘House for an Art Lover’. They have been learning all about Charles Rennie MacKintosh and had the opportunity to see his work up close. After a morning of learning and drawing we had the opportunity to play in the park before the bus arrived to take us back to school. We all had a fantastic day and we were very pleased that the rain stayed off for us.

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Room 16 – Football, Health & Maths

In PE we played a game of Soccer 4s. In Soccer4s there are no goalkeepers! When dribbling with the ball, we learned the importance of keeping the ball close and our head up.

During health, we received an important talk about the dangers of smoking.  We learned about the different chemicals in cigarettes and the impact they have on health.

Today in maths we learned how to covert a fraction to a decimal. It was great fun because we got to use chocolate!

Room 16 – Cumbernauld Academy Sports Event

Just a reminder that the class are walking to and from Cumbernauld Academy on Monday morning to take part in a Sports Event.

Children should wear their sports clothes to school and remember to bring a bottle of water and a snack. We expect to be back in Abronhill Primary between 12.15pm-12.30pm with lunches running as normal.

I can’t wait to see the exciting activities the high school students have organised for you all!

Room 16 – Snow Day

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having lots of fun in the snow!  Mr McDowall kindly added more ice to the hatchery, and with the cold temperature outside I am hopeful that our trout will be comfortable.

Here are some links with tasks relating to what we are doing in class.   Why not tweet @AbronhillPS with photographs of your work?  

Ordering Fractions

Alevin Habitat Conditions – Complete on a piece of paper

First News – Log in and complete the comprehension

See you all on Monday!