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P4-7 Author visit

The children of primary 4-7 were very lucky to receive a visit from the author Gill Arbuthnott on Friday. She spoke about her new book A Secret Diary of the First World War and the children had the opportunity to buy this book and have it signed by Gill.

Gill shared lots of interesting information about the main character in the book and told us about lots of things she learned herself whilst researching for this book. We really enjoyed her visit !

School Book Fair

A reminder that the book fair will take place in the dining hall on Monday 5th of November for P5, P6 and P7 children.

A selection of books suitable for all ages will be available for you to view and purchase if you wish.

Parents are invited to come along at the appropriate times to assist their child to make a choice.  If you are unable to come, the class teacher will assist your child.


Drama in P5

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We had fun warming up with the Greetings game.  We reflected on images of and a story about evacuees.  The children then created a tableaux and shared their thoughts and feelings through thought tracking.  Their enjoyment is plain to see!

Outdoor Learning in P5

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Today we deepened our understanding of co-ordinates with a game of battleships.  We did an audit of our outdoor space to find out the ways in which it keeps us healthy in body and mind.  We also did some gardening and found some interesting little creatures in the process!

Trying Rations

Today we had the opportunity to try out some modern day ration packs that soldiers eat. We then had to compare what was inside a modern day ration pack to a ration pack of a soldier during WW2. We had great fun trying the different snacks and meals inside.

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