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Room 16 having been learning all about WW1. On Wednesday we had the opportunity to compare and contrast the rations soldiers would have had during WW1 and the rations modern day soldiers have. We even had the opportunity to try out some beans and chicken sausages. Some of us seemed to enjoy the rations more than others.


P4 Hard at Work

Primary 4 have had a very busy day today. We started our morning off by exploring the features of a report and then we completed a tricky maths lesson where we learned how to partition 2 digit numbers and explored number patterns. We finished off the day discussing what we know about Harvest with our shoulder partner and we wrote this down on a spider diagram.



Building a Theme Park

Today the P7s have been given the challenging of designing their own theme park. They have a budget of 4 million pounds to spend but also have very strict building regulations they have to stick to. They are having to use their problem solving skills to complete a first draft of their theme park and use their number skills to work to a strict budget.  They are working together to solve any problems they come across and share any ideas they have. It has been great watching and listening to them during these discussions.


Young Writers 2018

I am very proud to announce that 58 children from P5-7 have had their stories selected to be published in a book called ‘Toy Stories- Authors From Scotland’. This is an amazing achievement and we are incredibly proud.

All children submitted stories and we are blown away by the number of stories that have been selected to be published. The Young Writers organisation have also sent back stories that were not selected with feedback for the children. They were so impressed with the writing from our school that they have given these children the opportunity to rewrite their stories and send them back to get them published alongside their friends.

A massive well done to all the children who participated.

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House for an Art Lover

Today P7 had the opportunity to visit the beautiful ‘House for an Art Lover’. They have been learning all about Charles Rennie MacKintosh and had the opportunity to see his work up close. After a morning of learning and drawing we had the opportunity to play in the park before the bus arrived to take us back to school. We all had a fantastic day and we were very pleased that the rain stayed off for us.

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