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Health & Wellbeing Committee

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Today we had our final Health Committee meeting of this year. We were busy evaluating all of the good work that we have done this year and started to look at planning next year too!

We finished off with a secret taste test of some fruits and vegetables. The favourite was definitely pomegranate seeds!


Fundraising Fitness Afternoon

The Health and Wellbeing  and Enterprise Committees joined forces for this committee session in order to try and raise LOTS of money for our school funds. The children participated in a sponsored fitness afternoon which was full of fun but VERY hard work! All donations/sponsor money should be sent to school by Friday 15th March. Both committees would like to thank you in advance for any donations given, they are truly appreciated!


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Healthy Snack Incentive

Some of our Health and Wellbeing  Committee spoke at today’s assembly to re launch our healthy snack incentive. This incentive will begin again on Monday and the healthiest class will receive an extra play time for their efforts. Remember only fruit and vegetables will gain points!  Let the healthy competition commence!

Health and Wellbeing Committee

Today the Health Committee were designing posters to re-launch our healthy snack incentive. We also researched some new ideas for our healthy tuck shop for early next year.

Some of our committee members called a local supermarket to see if they can help us in any way with our healthy snack mission! We had a very busy committee session and can’t wait to share our plans for the remainder of this year!



Health Committee

Today some of our Health Committee members reported at our assembly. They were updating everyone on the exciting new whole school healthy snack incentive which will begin next week!

Every child who brings a piece of fruit or a vegetable as a snack will receive a point. The class with the most points at the end of the week will receive a sticker and an extra playtime.

We will also be hosting a healthy tuck shop on Thursday 15th March where children will have the opportunity to buy fruit in school and all funds from this will be donated to Mary’s Meals.

Health Committee

At this weeks Health and Wellbeing Committee meeting we have been busy researching healthy food for packed lunches. The older pupils researched using the iPad’s and created their own information leaflets and the younger pupils designed their own healthy lunch boxes including healthy snacks and drinks.

We were also delighted to receive a written response from Mrs Stocks regarding our special request, more information to follow!!!!