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Eco Committee

The Eco Committee met up to organise ‘Waste Week’ in the school.  This will take place from Monday 6th of March to Friday 10th of March.

We are looking for donations of old wellies, which we plan to upcycle and use as planters.







The Eco Committee

Earth Hour

We celebrated Earth Hour on Friday.  The Eco Committee spoke about Earth Hour at assembly.  WWF’s Earth Hour is a time for us all to think about why we love the planet and how we can make a difference.

The Eco Committee switched off the lights in the whole school from 9.30am to 10.30am.  They also held a competition to design a lantern.  We had a lantern parade and the winners were Erin Baird (room 5), Alfons Woods (room 12) and Kerry Martin (room 15).  All of the lanterns looked fantastic!  Well done everyone!

Eco winners2