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Primary 3 Tree of Respect

We worked with our partner to create a tree of respect.  We had to think of kind ways to sort problems and we wrote these on the leaves.  We are good at solving problems and making good choices.

During anti-bullying week we also kept a diary, played games that required us to work in teams and  thought about things that can change how we behave which led to us comparing ourselves to icebergs.    One of our favourite activities was playing the good choices game in our class.


Let’s go and fly a kite!

Primary 3 were learning about making different backgrounds in Art.  The children used everyday items to create texture.  After making their kite pictures the children wrote a poem about the wind.   The children will have the chance to make some kites and hopefully they can fly these now that the wind is much calmer.

Snow Days for Primary 3!

I hope you are enjoying the snow.  Have lots of fun and remember to tell us all about it when you come back to school.
Here are some ideas of things you could be doing.
Assembly Songs:
Continue to learn the words for the 2 songs that were part of our homework for the last 2 weeks.
  1. The Donkey’s Tale
  2. The Donkey’s Final Tale
Easter Story:
  • Research the Easter story.

You could write the main ideas and include pictures of the main events.

  • Continue to read every day from your reading book or another book.
  • Practise spelling and common words every day.
(If you have access to a measuring tape)
  • Estimate and measure things around the house that are about 1 metre and about half a metre.
  • Record the things you find and report back in class during maths time.

Go onto some of your favourite Maths sites, such as coolmaths, to play some games.  Remember we are learning about Numbers to 100 and 1000 just now and we are starting to learn our times tables.