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Dictaphone Day!

Tuesday of this week was Dictaphone Day where the classes were encouraged to use their dictaphones. In P6a we do writing on Tuesday mornings and this week we wrote recounts all about our trip to the Scotland Street School. We decided it would be a good idea to record some of our recounts on the dictaphones and here are the results:


school trip Alisha


school trip Amber


school trip Bolu


school trip Elle


school trip Erin


school trip Kaileigh


school trip Kaitlynn


school trip Lauren


school trip Morgan 1

school trip Morgan 2

school trip Morgan 3

school trip Morgan 4


school trip Neve


school trip Rachel


school trip Rhys


school trip Ross


school trip Shane

Visit to Scotland Street School

On Thursday 3rd March, Primary 6a and 6b visited Scotland Street School as part of their Victorian interdisciplinary topic.

Scotland Street School was built in 1906 and was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  It is now a museum of Victorian, 30s and 60s classrooms.

In the morning, the children  toured the museum and enjoyed seeing how schools used to be in the past.   The best part was in the afternoon – they got dressed in authentic Victorian school uniforms and travelled back in time to have a lesson from a Victorian teacher.  He was very strict and made all of the boys and girls address him as “Sir” and be absolutely silent when he was talking.  The children learned sums and spelling by repetition and reciting.  The children had to write on slate boards and use pen and ink.

The boys had to bow and the girls had to curtsey when they said Good Morning to the teacher.

Good Morning

The teacher also demonstrated how children would be punished by “getting the belt”.


At the end of the lesson, the teacher said that the new School Inspector wanted the children to learn poems and songs, so he taught them Queen Victoria’s favourite song:


Have a look at some of the photographs:

Victorian Schools

Today our class was learning about Victorian schools. We had to reasearch Victorian schools and put them into a pages folder. Then we had to type in all the information we found and upload it into Glow. I really enjoyed doing this as I love going on the computer. It was very intresting learning about the Victorian schools an seeing how much they have changed.

.Click here to see our Victorian project.

Victorian Houses

In class me have been learning about  the Victorian era. Recently we have been  learning about Victorian houses and we had to do a Pages report on facts we collected from the web. Some of these facts were that most Victorian houses had bay windows – these were windows that stuck out and had three sides to it. Another was that the houses had an outside toilet.

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Victorian Toys and Games

We have been learning about victorian toys and games. My partner and I have made a poster. We have tried to put as much information as posible about Victorian toys and games. We have tried to make the poster as interesting as possible with the pictures and writing we also tried to fill in all the space too. I think the information we put in was really, really good because we worked really hard to get that information on the laptops. My partner and I have worked so hard that it took us about 3 days to finish our poster.

We have also been learning about all different toys and games.  We have been looking  for  differences like which ones are different  from the ones we have got today. We still have the yoyo, the ball and cup, the doll  houses and dolls and the rocking horse.

In the Victorian times  toys were all made out of wood and sometimes some really old cloth. The richer children got a little bit better toys than the poor children got. In the Victorian times children were not allowed to play with their toys on a Sunday. They were only allowed to play with a Noah’s Ark because that was the Bible.

I think the Victorian toys and games were more boring  than ours because ours are more playful  and more fun. The Victorian children would never get bored with these toys because  that’s all they had.

Click here to see our poster

Victorian Toys and Games

Many of the children in the Victorian times had to make dolls out of a clothes peg or a wooden spoon. They could also make a boat out of a lump of wood. If you were a rich child you might have a dolls house. If you were a poor child you would enjoy making your toys. In the Victorian time plastic toys were not invented so you would have to have a wooden  or metal toy.

Click here to see my Victorian toys and games flyer.

Victorian Toys and Games

In class we have been learning about Victorian toys and games. We have been using Pages and Glow links. I learned quite a lot about Victorian toys and games. Toys and games in Victorian times were very different from toys and games nowadays.

I enjoyed doing this research on toys and games because I learned lots more about Victorian toys and games.

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