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Victorian School

A few weeks ago P6 went to Scotland Street School which is a Victorian school. There was an actor called Mr Valentine.  They went with their teachers Miss Cunningham, Miss Schoenhofen and Mr Clark .  They had to wear things that they wore in Victorian times, such as the jacket. They also used the pens and boards they used. They also used the paper they had as well. Someone  was asked to pretend that they were getting the belt. They thought it was the best school trip they have ever been on.

Victorian Topic

Primary 6 have been learning about the Victorians and Victorian schools. We also learned about Queen Victoria.

Victorian Schools

In Victorian schools if they read a word wrong they got shouted at and had to go in a corner with a pointed hat on which was called the dunces hat. If you were late in a Victorian school you got caned. The teachers were very cruel in Victorian schools. In a Victorian school you got your hands and feet checked.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was born in 24th of May 1819. Victoria was coronated in 28th of June 1838. She was christened with  the name of Alexandrina Victoria. When her husband died she wore black for the rest of her life. Queen Victoria died on the 22nd of January 1901 at the age of 81.

Victorian toys

In the Victorian times they were no plastic toys. Rich children had better toys than poor children. Sometimes poor families bought cheap toys from the penny stall. They would use a rope for skipping. Rich children played with rocking horses, dolls, dolls houses, toys soldiers and lots more. Children were not aloud to play with toys on Sundays except from Noah’s Ark because that was in the bible.