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Reading-The Queens Nose

In reading today the authors(my reading group) were writing about the Queens nose. Mr. Clark put two Questions on the board and we had two write a paraghraph answring the questions in our language jotter. The two questions were Do you think Harmony is selfish and Do you think it was a satisfactory ending. . We had to put lots of detail in our paraghraph and I wrote two pages. Then we had to stick our censory image into our jotter. We had been working on the censory image for a while. We used A4 paper and I done mine like a tree.  I used three pens for beggining, middle and end. It was really fun reading The Queens Nose and i enjoyed doing reading today.

Reading in our Class

In our class we do reading on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Our book is Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo. We do fluency once a week we work individually, partners and in groups. Sometimes we use the Dictaphone we speak in to it and we can play it back. We make books for each reading book we get all our work and put it in to one big book. We decided what work is the best. We do storyboards, character studies, ARQ’s and more. The Commas book is The call of the Selkie and the Question Marks book is Horrid Henry and the Secret Club. Our class also likes to make questions for the other people in our group.


In our class we have 3 Reading groups, Full Stops, Commas and the Question Marks. We make up our own tasks for our Work. The Full Stops are Reading the book Why The Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo. The Commas are Reading the Book Call Of The Selkie. The Question Marks new book is Horrid Henry and the Secret Club.

We do Reading on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. We do Fluency Once a week. We work individually, with partners and in groups. Some of our work that we do alot are Storyboards, ARQ’S, Character Study, Quizes and more. At the end of our book we make a book.

P6a Illustrators: Reading The Shopping Trip

Last week the Illustrators worked with Miss Schoenhofen and Mrs Hunter and read a new book called “The Shopping Trip”.

The Illustrators are working especially hard to keep up the great work while Mrs Henderson is off. The first 4 pages of chapter 2 “Looking at clothes” have been put on here for everyone to listen to. We all agreed it’s like going to the Glasgow Fort with the huge car park!

Page 14: Chloe
1: Chloe

Page 15: Morgan
p.15: Morgan

Page 16: Shane
p.16: Shane

Page 17: Jonathan
p.17: Jonathan