Planning A Wedding On Comic Life

Over the past few weeks primary 6 has been using the computers. We have been learning how to use comic life.   Before we were using the computers on comic life, we had to plan an engagement.  Then we went on the computers and opened up comic life and dragged a panel and put them in order.  Then in class we brain stormed what you need to have for a wedding in our groups. Before we brain stormed what you need for a wedding, we got all the cameras we could possibly get and we went to the gym hall and we took pictures. Then we uploaded the pictures to the computers and we made a comic life document. Then we planned a wedding and went on the internet and searched for wedding pictures.  We made another comic life of planning a wedding.

Planning A Wedding

Primary 6 has  been  studying  weddings. We have used comic life two times,  one for engagements and one for  weddings. We  have made wedding  cards and also we did a big brain storm about the things needed for a wedding.

We took  some  photos to show  what a wedding would  look  like. Then we put them on Comic Life.

We also wrote  a paragraph  about  a wedding.

Our Wedding Topic

This year primary 6 have been learning about weddings. So far this year our class have been using comic life. The first time that we used comic life was to to plan an engagement and the second time was to plan a wedding.

Planning an engagement was really good because we got to take pictures of our partner to explain what happens during an engagement.

Planning a wedding is really good to because  we learned how to take pictures off of the internet and put them on to comic life.

Also at the very beginning of the year we made engagement cards and that was really fun too.

Planning a Wedding

Primary  6  are  doing  their  RME  topic.  We  are  doing  a  topic  on  engagements  and    weddings.  We  have  learned  to  log  onto  comic  life   and  do our   RME  topic  on  the  computers.  It  is   better   on  the  computer.  We  have  taken   photos   of  engagements    and  made  engagement  notices    and  cards.

Wedding topic

This year we have started a wedding topic with Mr.Clark.  We have learned so far about how to plan a wedding and how to have an engagement. We used cameras to take photographs  of  an engagement. We used props to set the  scene  of what they  actually  would do it. We also made engagement notices and engagement cards using coloured paper. We put our photos on comic life and showed how an engagement was done.

Our Wedding topic

We  have worked together to finish our wedding topic showing pictures and labels of a planning a wedding. We have learned about the wedding arrangements and about arranging the most important things that a wedding needs.  We have also had made engagement cards.  We have been working  on the computer and used  comic life to show things that a  weddings need.We used digital cameras to take pictures, and show examples of  the most important things.

Planning a Wedding on Comic Life

Over the past few weeks, our class have been doing a topic about engagement and weddings. We are doing work about this on the computer too . The first poster was about engagements. We used comic life and cameras to take photos to make a poster. The second one was about planning a wedding. We also used comic life for this one. Our class used images from the internet to put on that poster. We also wrote things in our jotter and took photos and other things to show the class. We made engagement notices with our surnames on. I have learned the traditions of engagement and weddings and also had fun because of this topic.

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