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International Children’s Games

Recently our class has been learning about the International children’s games. We had to do posters in I.C.T about the games. We found out that over 1,500 competitors from over the world aged 12-15 will be taking part. The games will include discus, javelin, racing, long jump and many more.

It has been fun  learning about the international games and I hope that everyone taking part has fun and does well.

Here is the finished poster

Technology Topic – Carriers

For the last two weeks, Primary 6 have been working hard on their technology topic – Investigating Carriers.  The children were set a design brief of desiging a paper carrier bag from one piece of paper.

To tie it in with the Royal Wedding celebrations, it had to have be a decorated to be a Royal Wedding souvenir.  The children investigated lots of different designs from shops and businesses, looked at the handles, the construction and the decoration and then planned and designed one of their own.

The results were excellent – really professional.  The children modeled them on the Royal Wedding fun day in school when they were all dressed up for a Wedding!

The French Immersion

A lady from France came into our class to teach us some more about our French, her name was Mariam . She spent an hour with us talking French! She taught us more about or colours and we all got fake french names to learn. We had to walk around the class, meet people and have a conversation in french(including our fake french name and age.)

We also learnt about France and she said if someone draws France quickly it is the shape of a hexagon (if you draw it on paper.) It was really interesting and I didn’t realise I knew so much french!

Cashless system

In our school we have a new cashless system. It is a system that helps to save money and helps to stop bullying in the playground and losing money as well. At the moment it is very slow but we will get there in the end. First you swipe your card, insert the amount of money you have then press the blue button that flashes blue to end the transaction. The money is put in to your account and the real money is put into the council bank (to buy food and essentials for the schools that belong to the council).

How do you feel about the cashless system? Do you think it is a good idea?

Tannochside Primary School Website

This blog post will tell you all about the school website. I hope you enjoy reading this. This website as you probably already know is accessible anywhere in the world. There is a lot of things to do on the website for anybody of any age such as p7 kilbowie pictures (you need the password), blogs like this one, if you have a child in Tannochside then you can see what they are learning about and lots of  other things.  On the website there is also Glow you can learn about or if you have an account you probably already know lots about Glow.

Here are all the primaries you can learn about,nursery, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6 and p7. Also you can see everybody who is in The Pupil Council, The Health Council, Junior Road Safety and loads more. You can even see what we have been doing at assembly and golden time. A few things we do at assembly are singing, raffle and certificates. We always have fun things to do at golden time you can even come to school and help out because P6 and 7 have golden time together a couple of things we do at golden time are origami, outdoor games, laptops and lots more. To sum the school website up in one word I would have to say it’s brilliant. Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Golden Time Primary 6 and 7

In primary six and seven we have a new way to do Golden Time. We swap classes to do all different activities,  like; Arts and crafts, Baking, Giant games, Dancing, Outdoor games, Laptops, Pampering and Own games. If you lose your Golden Time by not behaving you will have to sit with a teacher and do nothing.

The pupils  mums and dads are allowed to come in and help out with some of the activities  if they are not busy. The children enjoy the activities  because they get to choose what to do.