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In class we have been learning about the Victorians and what life was like when Queen Victoria reigned. We have made a fact file on Queen Victoria and we are currently making a poster on Victorian toys and games. We had to work in pairs and research information on the internet and using the links Mr.Clark had put on Glow. We used Google Images to retrieve images of Queen Victoria , then we uploaded our fact files to Glow. After we had published them Primary6b used our fact files to help them make their own fact files to upload to glow. In the Victorian times children in rich homes would not be allowed to play with any toys but Noah’s Arc on a Sunday because on a Sunday they went to church and Noah’s Arc is in the Bible.  If poor children didn’t have a football they would play with a blown-up pig’s bladder from the butcher. If children didn’t go to school they would have to go to work in a workhouse and they were only paid a few shillings. Life in the workhouse was cruel and hard and the older they were the longer they worked. Children from about 5 years onwards would work for around 4 to 5 hours and ages 10 onwards would work for around 7 to 8 hours.

Victorian Dolls

Some of the boys and girls in Bay 19 and 17 worked with Mrs Henderson to make Victorian Wooden Spoon Dolls.  The children had to read the instructions and follow each step to be able to create these dolls that Victorian children would have made too.  They used a wooden spoon, fabric, paper and felt-tips to make them.  Once they were complete, they acted out scenes with them and then put them on display in the Learning Bay for everyone to enjoy.

Victorian Artefact Homework

Pupils in Primary 6a and Primary 6b (Bay 17 and 19) have a very special homework task this week.

They have to research and create a model of a Victorian object or artefact.  Each child has to choose an item that would be found in a Victorian home, school or workplace.  They can use anything to make it – from recycling items such as cardboard and bottles to clay or plasticene. Miss Cunningham, Miss Schoenhofen and Mr. Clark will help out with any materials that may be needed such as sellotape, paper, pens etc.

The children also have a complete an instruction sheet detailing how they made the item and what it was used for.  As soon as all of the items are handed in, we will post pictures of them on this blog.

Planning a Wedding

Primary  6  are  doing  their  RME  topic.  We  are  doing  a  topic  on  engagements  and    weddings.  We  have  learned  to  log  onto  comic  life   and  do our   RME  topic  on  the  computers.  It  is   better   on  the  computer.  We  have  taken   photos   of  engagements    and  made  engagement  notices    and  cards.

Wedding topic

This year we have started a wedding topic with Mr.Clark.  We have learned so far about how to plan a wedding and how to have an engagement. We used cameras to take photographs  of  an engagement. We used props to set the  scene  of what they  actually  would do it. We also made engagement notices and engagement cards using coloured paper. We put our photos on comic life and showed how an engagement was done.

Planning a Wedding on Comic Life

Over the past few weeks, our class have been doing a topic about engagement and weddings. We are doing work about this on the computer too . The first poster was about engagements. We used comic life and cameras to take photos to make a poster. The second one was about planning a wedding. We also used comic life for this one. Our class used images from the internet to put on that poster. We also wrote things in our jotter and took photos and other things to show the class. We made engagement notices with our surnames on. I have learned the traditions of engagement and weddings and also had fun because of this topic.