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International Children’s Games

Recently our class has been learning about the International children’s games. We had to do posters in I.C.T about the games. We found out that over 1,500 competitors from over the world aged 12-15 will be taking part. The games will include discus, javelin, racing, long jump and many more.

It has been fun  learning about the international games and I hope that everyone taking part has fun and does well.

Here is the finished poster

Technology Topic – Carriers

For the last two weeks, Primary 6 have been working hard on their technology topic – Investigating Carriers.  The children were set a design brief of desiging a paper carrier bag from one piece of paper.

To tie it in with the Royal Wedding celebrations, it had to have be a decorated to be a Royal Wedding souvenir.  The children investigated lots of different designs from shops and businesses, looked at the handles, the construction and the decoration and then planned and designed one of their own.

The results were excellent – really professional.  The children modeled them on the Royal Wedding fun day in school when they were all dressed up for a Wedding!

The French Immersion

A lady from France came into our class to teach us some more about our French, her name was Mariam . She spent an hour with us talking French! She taught us more about or colours and we all got fake french names to learn. We had to walk around the class, meet people and have a conversation in french(including our fake french name and age.)

We also learnt about France and she said if someone draws France quickly it is the shape of a hexagon (if you draw it on paper.) It was really interesting and I didn’t realise I knew so much french!

Reading-The Queens Nose

In reading today the authors(my reading group) were writing about the Queens nose. Mr. Clark put two Questions on the board and we had two write a paraghraph answring the questions in our language jotter. The two questions were Do you think Harmony is selfish and Do you think it was a satisfactory ending. . We had to put lots of detail in our paraghraph and I wrote two pages. Then we had to stick our censory image into our jotter. We had been working on the censory image for a while. We used A4 paper and I done mine like a tree.  I used three pens for beggining, middle and end. It was really fun reading The Queens Nose and i enjoyed doing reading today.

Making Victorian Bread

As part of our Interdisciplinary topic on The Victorians, P6B made traditional Victorian bread.  We started the morning using our maths skills to measure and weigh the ingredients, then using the clock we timed how long each part of the process would take. We also used our language skills to write about our experience of making bread in the traditional way.

The class had a fantastic time baking but now realise the hard work that went into making just one loaf of bread, I doubt any of the boys or girls would like to be a Victorian kitchen maid and get up at 4am to start cooking.  please look at our pictures below and leave some comments for the class.

Dictaphone Day!

Tuesday of this week was Dictaphone Day where the classes were encouraged to use their dictaphones. In P6a we do writing on Tuesday mornings and this week we wrote recounts all about our trip to the Scotland Street School. We decided it would be a good idea to record some of our recounts on the dictaphones and here are the results:


school trip Alisha


school trip Amber


school trip Bolu


school trip Elle


school trip Erin


school trip Kaileigh


school trip Kaitlynn


school trip Lauren


school trip Morgan 1

school trip Morgan 2

school trip Morgan 3

school trip Morgan 4


school trip Neve


school trip Rachel


school trip Rhys


school trip Ross


school trip Shane

Victorian Toys

In my  class we have been learning about Victorian toys. These are some of the toys that we have looked at and played with; a whip and peery, cup and ball, peever, hula hoop, skipping ropes,  diablo, gird n cleek and football

A whip and peery is a rope tied to a stick and a wooden spinning top. A cup and ball  is a  wooden cup with a bit of string attached  to the cup  and on the other end  of the string  there is  a wooden ball. A peever is an old metal tin with stones to make the tin heavy and some chalk to draw the hop scotch.  A hula hoop is a round circle made of metal and you had to keep it going round your  tummy.  Skipping ropes are a long piece of rope and  you have to jump over the rope. The diablo is a cylinder squashed in the middle to make a diablo.  A  football  is a pigs bladder blown up.

Victorian School

A few weeks ago P6 went to Scotland Street School which is a Victorian school. There was an actor called Mr Valentine.  They went with their teachers Miss Cunningham, Miss Schoenhofen and Mr Clark .  They had to wear things that they wore in Victorian times, such as the jacket. They also used the pens and boards they used. They also used the paper they had as well. Someone  was asked to pretend that they were getting the belt. They thought it was the best school trip they have ever been on.