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The Queen’s Nose Debate

The children in Bay 19’s Authors reading group have been reading the Queen’s Nose by Dick King-Smith.  They have been debating the suggestion that the main character,  Harmony, acts selfishly throughout the book.  They looked for quotes and references to support their opinion.  They used the class dictaphone to record their excellent debate.

Click on the + to listen.

Queen\’s Nose Debate

Dictaphone Day!

Tuesday of this week was Dictaphone Day where the classes were encouraged to use their dictaphones. In P6a we do writing on Tuesday mornings and this week we wrote recounts all about our trip to the Scotland Street School. We decided it would be a good idea to record some of our recounts on the dictaphones and here are the results:


school trip Alisha


school trip Amber


school trip Bolu


school trip Elle


school trip Erin


school trip Kaileigh


school trip Kaitlynn


school trip Lauren


school trip Morgan 1

school trip Morgan 2

school trip Morgan 3

school trip Morgan 4


school trip Neve


school trip Rachel


school trip Rhys


school trip Ross


school trip Shane

Reading in our Class

In our class we do reading on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Our book is Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo. We do fluency once a week we work individually, partners and in groups. Sometimes we use the Dictaphone we speak in to it and we can play it back. We make books for each reading book we get all our work and put it in to one big book. We decided what work is the best. We do storyboards, character studies, ARQ’s and more. The Commas book is The call of the Selkie and the Question Marks book is Horrid Henry and the Secret Club. Our class also likes to make questions for the other people in our group.


In our class we have 3 Reading groups, Full Stops, Commas and the Question Marks. We make up our own tasks for our Work. The Full Stops are Reading the book Why The Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo. The Commas are Reading the Book Call Of The Selkie. The Question Marks new book is Horrid Henry and the Secret Club.

We do Reading on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. We do Fluency Once a week. We work individually, with partners and in groups. Some of our work that we do alot are Storyboards, ARQ’S, Character Study, Quizes and more. At the end of our book we make a book.

P6a Illustrators: Reading The Shopping Trip

Last week the Illustrators worked with Miss Schoenhofen and Mrs Hunter and read a new book called “The Shopping Trip”.

The Illustrators are working especially hard to keep up the great work while Mrs Henderson is off. The first 4 pages of chapter 2 “Looking at clothes” have been put on here for everyone to listen to. We all agreed it’s like going to the Glasgow Fort with the huge car park!

Page 14: Chloe
1: Chloe

Page 15: Morgan
p.15: Morgan

Page 16: Shane
p.16: Shane

Page 17: Jonathan
p.17: Jonathan


In my school we are working on I.D.L which stands for interdisciplinary learning. In art in my class we make all different Victorian things because that is our topic. We are also going to visit The Victorian School Of Art on the 3rd of March.

We are looking at Victorian Toys and we got the chance to look and play with them. In story writing we are writing stories about being a Victorian child and going back in time. In math we looked at shillings and some of the money that Victorians used. In I.C.T we have been making fact file about Queen Victoria and we have also been working on Glow and looking at the other classes posts.

Victorian Schools

Today our class was learning about Victorian schools. We had to reasearch Victorian schools and put them into a pages folder. Then we had to type in all the information we found and upload it into Glow. I really enjoyed doing this as I love going on the computer. It was very intresting learning about the Victorian schools an seeing how much they have changed.

.Click here to see our Victorian project.

Victorian houses

We went into  pages then uploaded a flyer then we changed the pictures and writing and turned it into our own Victorian Fact File.We searched for pictures  on the internet for sash windows .We got pictures of Victorian houses and Victorian windows.Then we uploaded it  as a pdf file then we saved it. Then we uploaded it on to glow. Then  afterwards we did this blog .

Victorian Houses

Primary 6 have been learning about Victorian houses. My partner and I found it very interesting and we have learned a lot about Victorian houses. We designed a poster with lots of information on Victorian houses and we found some good pictures. It was really interesting and I hope to do it again.

Click here to see our poster.

What did Victorian houses look like?

Victorian houses  have sash windows and bay windows. They loved to decorate their windows. Some Victorian houses  have fancy brick work.

Why did they not have garages?

They didn’t have garages because cars weren’t invented . There was no cars until the end of Victorian times and Victorian people walked a lot.


Victorian houses had chimneys. They had chimneys because they used a fireplace. They used the fireplace a lot and the smoke went up the chimney because they didn’t have heating.