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I have written a poem and I want to share it with you.

Friends  by Shannon Geoghegan
Friends will never let you down,
You know they’ll always be around,
They see your life through thick and thin,
And even if you never win,
Friends will guide you through the dark ways,
And will always be with you through the bright ways,
You may fall out from time to time,
But you’ll be friends that I rhyme,
They know you like the back of their hand,
And will be with you all over the land.

Outdoor Gym

In primary 6 we do outdoor gym every Wednesday. We do rounders and football and other games.For football we do team captains,it is normaly a girl captain and a boy captain.Whatever teacher is taking the football they are the referee and if you do a bad tackle you have to site out for five minutes. For rounders the teachers put us into teams and then we decide who is going to bat and who is going to field.

Outdoor Gym

This year in primary 6 we have been playing different games. This year we are aloud to play football and rounders. This year we can also play with the other class.For football we choose team captains, the winner of heads and tails picks first.Mr Clark takes turns with Mrs Macman to be the referee .If Mr Clark is the referee Mrs Macman prepares rounders.

Making Victorian Bread

As part of our Interdisciplinary topic on The Victorians, P6B made traditional Victorian bread.  We started the morning using our maths skills to measure and weigh the ingredients, then using the clock we timed how long each part of the process would take. We also used our language skills to write about our experience of making bread in the traditional way.

The class had a fantastic time baking but now realise the hard work that went into making just one loaf of bread, I doubt any of the boys or girls would like to be a Victorian kitchen maid and get up at 4am to start cooking.  please look at our pictures below and leave some comments for the class.

Red Nose Day!

Today was Red Nose Day. All the pupils had to pay a pound to dress down and have crazy hair. Primary 7’s were coming round the classes with cookies for 35p each. The cookies had white sugar icing with raisins for eyes, a cherry for the nose and melted chocolate for the mouth! We did a sponsored shout out in which we shouted RED NOSE DAY, COMIC RELIEF, HELP and HAVE FUN. Although it was a special event we still had to do our normal work. At the assembly evryone learned a new song and we did the Hokey Cokey! At the end of the day it was Golden Time. Everyone was sent to their activities including paper crafts, arts and crafts, mask making, baking, outdoor games, dancing, pampering, own games, infant helpers and much,much more.

Nursery p6

Every Friday primary 6s are allowed to go to the nursery to play with the children in morning and afternoons.  Two children get to go in the morning and two get to go in the afternoon its really great fun. The staff really like our help.

On a Friday morning they decide who is star of the week . They have a little flower shop that they pretend  that they sell flowers to people. There is a little quiet  corner were  they can just relax, they can also read books. There is also the sand pit that three people can play with it at a time. The staff are very kind and they make sure everything is okay.

by Megan and Amieelee

Cashless system

In our school we have a new cashless system. It is a system that helps to save money and helps to stop bullying in the playground and losing money as well. At the moment it is very slow but we will get there in the end. First you swipe your card, insert the amount of money you have then press the blue button that flashes blue to end the transaction. The money is put in to your account and the real money is put into the council bank (to buy food and essentials for the schools that belong to the council).

How do you feel about the cashless system? Do you think it is a good idea?

Victorian School

A few weeks ago P6 went to Scotland Street School which is a Victorian school. There was an actor called Mr Valentine.  They went with their teachers Miss Cunningham, Miss Schoenhofen and Mr Clark .  They had to wear things that they wore in Victorian times, such as the jacket. They also used the pens and boards they used. They also used the paper they had as well. Someone  was asked to pretend that they were getting the belt. They thought it was the best school trip they have ever been on.