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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Primary 6 have been learning to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French to help them remember the parts of the body.

We’ve discovered lots of different versions, but this is one that we’ve been singing in class.

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (in French!)
Tête, épaules et genoux, pieds, genoux, pieds
Tête, épaules et genoux, pieds, genoux, pieds
J’ai des yeux, des oreilles, une bouche et un nez
Tête, épaules et genoux, pieds, genoux, pieds

Music Inventions

In our music lesson last week the boys and girls in P6a got the chance to make music. After making lots of noise they came up with these great sounding musical patterns!

They used lots of different kinds of instruments. I wonder if anyone can correctly identify all of them!

Neve’s group:

Neve’s group

Darren’s group:

Darren’s group

Chloé’s group:

Chloe’s group

Dominic’s group:

Dominic’s group

Erin’s group:

Erin’s group

Alisha’s group:

Alisha’s group

Greg’s group:

Greg’s group2

Red Nose Day!

Today was Red Nose Day. All the pupils had to pay a pound to dress down and have crazy hair. Primary 7’s were coming round the classes with cookies for 35p each. The cookies had white sugar icing with raisins for eyes, a cherry for the nose and melted chocolate for the mouth! We did a sponsored shout out in which we shouted RED NOSE DAY, COMIC RELIEF, HELP and HAVE FUN. Although it was a special event we still had to do our normal work. At the assembly evryone learned a new song and we did the Hokey Cokey! At the end of the day it was Golden Time. Everyone was sent to their activities including paper crafts, arts and crafts, mask making, baking, outdoor games, dancing, pampering, own games, infant helpers and much,much more.

Music: Mary’s Donkey

In P6a we’ve been using Silver Burdett for our music lessons. We have already sung Mary’s Donkey and talked about who the donkey and Mary are and how the donkey might be feeling. We decided the donkey is feeling quite sad because he’s so tired carrying Mary.

We have recorded a lesson where we played along to with the song using tuned percussion instruments. Can you tell which instruments we used?

Mary’s Donkey


In my school we are working on I.D.L which stands for interdisciplinary learning. In art in my class we make all different Victorian things because that is our topic. We are also going to visit The Victorian School Of Art on the 3rd of March.

We are looking at Victorian Toys and we got the chance to look and play with them. In story writing we are writing stories about being a Victorian child and going back in time. In math we looked at shillings and some of the money that Victorians used. In I.C.T we have been making fact file about Queen Victoria and we have also been working on Glow and looking at the other classes posts.

French in Primary 6

The boys and girls in Primary 6 are enjoying learning French in class.  This term, we have been learning the numbers to 20, the days of the week and the months of the year.

We have learned some fun songs.  Click below to hear the children singing:

Le jours de la semaine song:

Le Jours De La Semaine Song

Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? song

Quelle est la date song

The children are also working hard to learn their vocabulary.  How do you think they are sounding?

Days of the Week:

Days of the Week1

Days of the Week2

Days of the Week3

Months of the Year:

Months of the Year


Numbers to 20

Numbers to 39

Primary 6 would love your opinion of their work.  Please click on the title of this work to leave a comment.

Victorian Dolls

Some of the boys and girls in Bay 19 and 17 worked with Mrs Henderson to make Victorian Wooden Spoon Dolls.  The children had to read the instructions and follow each step to be able to create these dolls that Victorian children would have made too.  They used a wooden spoon, fabric, paper and felt-tips to make them.  Once they were complete, they acted out scenes with them and then put them on display in the Learning Bay for everyone to enjoy.

Victorian Artefact Homework

Pupils in Primary 6a and Primary 6b (Bay 17 and 19) have a very special homework task this week.

They have to research and create a model of a Victorian object or artefact.  Each child has to choose an item that would be found in a Victorian home, school or workplace.  They can use anything to make it – from recycling items such as cardboard and bottles to clay or plasticene. Miss Cunningham, Miss Schoenhofen and Mr. Clark will help out with any materials that may be needed such as sellotape, paper, pens etc.

The children also have a complete an instruction sheet detailing how they made the item and what it was used for.  As soon as all of the items are handed in, we will post pictures of them on this blog.

About the Choir

In choir, we have been practicing songs with Mrs Lyall.  She has been great to us and she has always give us the words when we need them.

In March we are going to a music festival to sing to other schools and for them to sing to us.  We have 2 months to practice and everybody is very nervous  and excited  especially me. We get a  new songs every week and this week we got the song Firework by Katy Perry.  I will blog again and keep you  informed.