Ross Marchant

Mar 242011

In primary 6 we do outdoor gym every Wednesday. We do rounders and football and other games.For football we do team captains,it is normaly a girl captain and a boy captain.Whatever teacher is taking the football they are the referee and if you do a bad tackle you have to site out for five minutes. For rounders the teachers put us into teams and then we decide who is going to bat and who is going to field.

Sep 302010

In class we have been learning about weddings and engagements. We have been using Glow to upload photos. We have been using digital cameras to take photos of us pretending to get married.  We have also been working in groups and in pairs talking about how to plan  a wedding. We wrote a paragraph about engagements in our jotters. We also went on to the internet and uploaded photos onto Comic Life.

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